Nevada Library Association Annual Conference -- October 12-14th, 2018
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UNLV University Libraries

Partners In Education
UNLV Libraries participate in the articulation and assessment of student learning; provide direct instruction to students; partner with classroom faculty on course and assignment design; and intentionally create co-curricular learning experiences.

Partners In Research
UNLV Libraries have infrastructure to discover, access, and use information resources to create new knowledge; expert library faculty who are liaisons to academic programs; online research communities for content created at UNLV; and events and public displays that showcase UNLV research and creative activity.

Engage The Community
As the only research library in Southern Nevada, UNLV Libraries has a strong community mission:  open to the public; providing resources and expert consultations to members of the business community; serving UNLV alumni; reaching out to k-12 professionals; and aggressively documenting the region’s history through two research centers and Special Collections.